❓ What is User Search-Intent?

The concept of user search intent, especially search engine optimization, draws attention as one of the focal points of SEO studies. Because even if you have the best and most useful content in the world on your website, if you do not have a content directly or indirectly related to the query, purpose, intent that users perform, this page will not be visible in search engine results. Therefore, it is important to have a serious knowledge of user search intent in order to rank high in search engine results.

The purpose of internet users to search on the web using search engines is to make certain searches on the internet to meet the needs of users. By searching users; He may want to go to a brand’s website or want to buy a product. For example, the user who searches for “Iphone X 64 GB Price” will directly see the price of the product and click on a page where they can make a purchase. Pages that provide information about this product will be eliminated because they do not fit well with the user’s search intent.

💡 What are the Types of User Search Intent?

When looking at the types of internet search intent, it is possible to talk about many different options. Many different reasons can arise as the source of this intent before internet users perform a search on the Google search engine. These:

➡️ Learning the answer to a question you are curious about,
➡️ To login to a website,
➡️ To purchase a product or service,
➡️ Comparing information or products.

In this context, internet users are included in 4 different basic search intent types according to the reasons for their search. These;

  • Information – Users seeking encyclopedic or experience information,
  • Navigation – Users trying to find a specific website,
  • Transactional – Users who want to buy something,
  • Commercial – Users who research before making a purchase.

According to the researches conducted on the Internet, it has been noted that more than 80 percent of the search targets of 3 different search purpose types by users in the web world are for information purposes, and the remaining 20 percent are commercial and transactional searches. Therefore, it should be emphasized that the search intent is very important for those who sell products or services on the web and provide user experience.

⚠️ The Importance of User Search Intent

The advantage of user search intent brings with it to master the wants and purposes of internet users. As a matter of fact, in cases where the purpose of internet users is not analyzed well, users will turn to other websites, namely your competitors, since their expectations will not be met throughout the page or site. In order for us to analyze the needs of users when searching, it is necessary to determine the purpose behind the search intent and to create a content marketing strategy, which is of great importance in digital marketing.

In this context, besides giving importance to backlinks and other traditional Google ranking signals, it is important to take care that the pages meet the search intents of the Internet users in terms of content. Examining Google’s Quality Assessment Guide published in 2019, it is once again seen how important the search intent of users is.

🌟 How Do We Learn User Search Intent?

To find the user search intent, it is necessary to take a close look at the queries that users have made. After the user knows the purpose of the search, the appearance of each query made by the user on the Google SERP is of great importance for action planning. At this point, keywords should be reshaped according to user search intent data. It is necessary to create an optimization plan separately for the keywords created according to the purpose and intent of the user and the website pages.

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